The Emperor of Here

I was born in Santa Monica, CA to an elementary school teacher/ wedding singer, and a mathematician-aerospace engineer/ photographer. I lived in what is now known as Crenshaw Manor, but I never heard anyone call it that before a few years ago. I remember my parents saying we lived near the Jungle, and people were afraid of it. I went through the LAUSD, did some college, and now I help make movies and TV shows in Hollywood.

Here’s a list of companies I’ve worked with/for in alphabetical order:

Cartoon Network
Sony Pictures

Mostly I am a drawer of storyboards, which sometimes includes other skills , like writing funny things for characters to say and inventing clever things for them to do. Besides working, I can also be found photographing, crafting, gardening, and writing. Sometimes the fruits of my labor are on the internet, for sale. I also painted this mural in Downtown, LA:

Keep on keepin’ on.

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